Can u Have a Internet Security program and a Anti virus program running without complications?

I have ESET Smart Security running for antivirus and i dont think it blocks for my firefox cause im getting some problems with popups and stuff unlike before when i had kaspersky but i diddnt like kaspersky much but i need internet security.

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  1. Jan S says:

    Eset Smart Security is the best internet security program moneycan buy. It gives total protection and you do not need any other anti virus, firewall
    ESET NOD32 anti virus is just an anti virus program, but ESET Smart Security 4 is much much more
    See link below

  2. Tops says:

    except anti-virus program.
    there is another security program there for you
    its called allspymonitor
    you install it in your computer,and when you are away from the computer,what others do on your computer will be recorded,and then you can watch the file later.

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