Can you run two different security programs on a computer?

I have Vista, os on my pc. My IP, has given me a security program, (Charter High Speed Security), but Windows also installed Windows Fire Wall, and Windows Defender, that came with the pc when I purchased it. Is it okay to run all three programs, or do i have to disable the Windows Defender and the Windows program?

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  1. mike H says:

    not really they can work against each other – causing your computer to run slowly, usually a third party piece of software will diable the windows firewall

  2. dikshlot says:

    Yes u can run the 3programs.. ibut if its the same program with different versions, then u hav to choose only one version. In ur case, its 3 different programs, so think u can.

    But its preferably to use only one program coz one can interfere with the other, causin ur pc to work slowly..

  3. nuggeteli says:

    it’s not good to run two internet security programs at the same time as they wil clash with each other.

    turn off windows defender. you can use the windows firewall as long as the program the internet company doesn’t have it’s own built in firewall.

    if the program they gave you is just an antivirus ( different to internet security program), then you should download a spyware program as well. Spy bot is always good.

    but don’t run two different antivirus or two different internet security programs.

  4. Jimi Napalm says:

    I have a friend who manages a large internet Cafe and he uses Norton 2008 and Avg as he has a huge amount of people coming in and introducing all sorts of media into the system, he runs both in the morning and again in the evening( I dont think he runs them at the same time), You might have to disable the one while installing the other)
    I use Vista and it came with Windows Defender, I installed BitDefender Antivirus and it is a third party paid-antivirus and I have had no problems (touch wood) virus’s get blocked before entering the system.

    Thanks for the tip about Tricia’s link

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