Career change computer security or dental hygenest?

Intrested in only a 2 yr. program. possible to say good and bad about jobs,and starting pay?

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  1. Timber says:

    Either career seems to be in high demand–even with the economy the way it is. It really just depends on if you are more of a people person and can deal with bodily fluids all day or if you prefer to work in a field which requires more “back-room” operations and less patient complaints (other than an occasional circuit board short out).

  2. Mad Max says:

    I think it depends entirely on your personality.

    Being a dental hygienist requires interpersonal skills that being a computer security specialist does not.

    I’m presently finishing up an MS in computer science, and I can tell you that 2 years is not long enough to learn much about computer security with any real depth.

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