Catch the spy in your phone

No one has the right, be it your boss or a paranoid partner, to snoop on your phone. If it is your company policy then your boss will be upfront and tell you about it.

Stalkerware are software programs or apps that allow people to monitor and get information about their partner, wife or anyone else via their phone. You do not have to be an IT genius to use it. It is readily available in the market legitimately and can be installed in mobiles as well as on desktops and laptops.

Detect stalkerware

It is virtually impossible to introduce stalkerware on iPhones, but it can be done if the device is jailbroken. It is different for an Android smartphone. Officially, Google removes any app from the Play Store if it displays stalker-like behaviour.

There are some symptoms. The battery will drain faster, your data usage will rise, your phone will get heated up unusually, your screen time usage will report a rise and you may get strange notifications.

Tools to find it

Stalkerware apps may hide well but they do show up in the main apps list, maybe with a different name. Go to Settings on Android and tap Apps. See all apps. Look for items that do not look right.

Third-party tools such as Incognito Anti-Spyware by DV Technolabs, Certo Mobile Security and Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus do a good job of detecting stalkerware. All these are available on Google Play Store. I would recommend that you instal the Traced Mobile Security app, also from the Play Store. It is a free app and powered by deep learning technology. Traced analyses your phone’s apps and alerts you to suspicious activity using artificial intelligence.

It alerts you if a malicious app is detected. It also tells you when you have connected to an unsafe WiFi network or when you open a phishing link. It warns you when your Android software or device configurations are vulnerable or when an app tries to access your camera, microphone, takes a screenshot or records your active phone call.

How to remove it

Remember, digital stalking can be done in different ways, other than introducing stalkerware in your device. Be sure to have a safety plan in place. Sometimes removing…