Block newly-registered domains to reduce security threats in your organisation

Security researchers propose that there might be an additional simple step your company might like to take to better defend your users against threats: aggressively block all domains less than one month old.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.

Graham Cluley

Be careful whose charger you borrow: Phone charging cables can hack your devices, experts say

A hacker that goes by “MG” was selling an iPhone lightning cable called the “O.MG Cable” for $ 200 that can take control of any Mac computer, remotely gaining access to passwords and sensitive …
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Investigating cyber-security at U.S. Central Command – FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

Investigating cyber-security at U.S. Central Command  FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

While the college admissions scandal exposed students getting undue help on their exams, FOX 13 started hearing and investigating claims of a different kind of …

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Facebook warned staff of 2018 hack risk, but not users, says court filing

A court filing says that Facebook warned staff of the risk that led to a huge security breach that last year allowed hackers to access almost 29 million accounts — but failed to warn its users …
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