How do i know my internet security is genuine?

I recently bought kaspersky internet security from ebay and its working fine.Just in case if i want to verify its authencity, how can i do so? how do i know i have original software and not a dummy or fake?

I have webroot internet security and windows firewall running at the same time. Is that ok?

I just noticed in the Windows Vista Security center that both windows firewall and webroot internet security are running at the same time. it says they could conflict (which I know) but I can’t remember which, if either, I should turn off.

How do I get Norton Internet Security onto my computer?

Ok, so I got a Norton Internet Security 2010 CD. It says I can use it with up to 3 computers. I’ve used it on two, but the third doesn’t have a drive to put the disc in. I heard I can just do this online, but I need an order number and password. Where can I find these? Or can you help me in some other way? Thank you very much in advance!

How do I install Verizon Internet Security Suite off the verizon disc I got with my router?

I have Verizon DSL, and have access to their internet security through the disc i got w/ my router. The problem is, my computer wont run the disc, so I cant install anything. How the hell do I run the disc on a Dell 530 with Vista?