How Many Times Can i Reinstall Kaspersky Internet Security 2009?

I brought Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 last November (2008) and i take my computer back to “factory settings” every 3 months or when i want to. I have already done it 3 times since i brought Kaspersky and i was wondering how many times can i actually keep installing it using the same license key.

Befor i take my laptop back to “factory settings” i uninstall Kapersky as it offers my to keep the license key.

Thanks very much all!

How do I renew my internet security subscription?

I have norton and it wants me to renew it right now. I dont have a good internet connection (because I piggy back off someone in my complex) so I dont want to do it online. I bought a different version of norton (i had just the internet security, now I have norton 360). Will it mess something up if I just pop in my new software and install it? Or do I first have to uninstall my old subscription?

How is mcafee internet security? why is it used so widely in most places and is it a monopoly?

i have only used mcafee security suite because the ISP offers it for free and all computers at school and work use mcafee too.

Even though there are so many antivirus why do businesses, schools and internet providers stick with mcafee only? When i bought new computer it came with pre-installed mcafee.

is mcafee an antivirus monopoly?

Is there any internet security software like Norton free for download?

I have Norton internet security but it will expire soon. I was wondering if there were any programs out there for free. There probably isn’t but I just thought I’d ask. Thanks in advance.