Gov’t wielded security as a shield to deny the most FOIA requests yet under Obama

Sunshine is the forecast this week, but it seems like mostly clouds obscured what was supposed to be a transparent view for the entire last year. Recent analysis by the Associated Press found that “the U.S.
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China Launches Espionage Probe Against Coca-Cola For Alleged Misuse Of … – International Business Times

Business Standard

China Launches Espionage Probe Against Coca-Cola For Alleged Misuse Of
International Business Times
Map-making and related activities are highly restricted in China for national security concerns and the companies and providers of map services are required to get prior permission and licenses from the government. It is also mandatory for the map
Beijing launches spy probe against Coca-ColaSouth China Morning Post
China Accuses Coca-Cola Of Using GPS To Illegally Map Sensitive AreasBusiness Insider
China confirms reports of probe against Coca-ColaBusiness Standard
Business Line
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911 tech pinpoints people in buildings—but could disrupt wireless ISPs

NextNav’s enhanced 911 technology locates people within buildings—but may interfere with millions of existing devices.

Cell phones replacing landlines are making it difficult to accurately locate people who call 911 from inside buildings. If a person having a heart attack on the 30th floor of a giant building can call for help but is unable to speak their location, actually finding that person from cell phone and GPS location data is a challenge for emergency responders.

Thus, new technologies are being built to accurately locate people inside buildings. But a system that is perhaps the leading candidate for enhanced 911 geolocation is also controversial because it uses the same wireless frequencies as wireless Internet Service Providers, smart meters, toll readers like EZ-Pass, baby monitors, and various other devices.

NextNav, the company that makes the technology, is seeking permission from the Federal Communications Commission to start commercial operations. More than a dozen businesses and industry groups oppose NextNav (which holds FCC licenses through a subsidiary called Progeny), saying the 911 technology will wipe out devices and services used by millions of Americans.

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Is All The Talk About Cyberwarfare Just Hype? – NPR


Is All The Talk About Cyberwarfare Just Hype?
U.S. government pronouncements about the danger of a major cyberattack can be confusing. The director of national intelligence, James Clapper, and the head of the U.S. military's Cyber Command, Army Gen. Keith Alexander, delivered mixed messages this
Targeting China: Washington Announces Formation of “Offensive Cyber War Units”Center for Research on Globalization
US Cyber Command Admits Offensive Cyberwarfare Capabilities, Fundamental Hot Hardware
NSA head says 13 'offensive teams' being trained for cyberwarfareThe Verge
Red Bluff Daily News –Forbes
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