Windows 8 technology shift: The coming end of Win32 apps

Windows 7 is finally a more popular operating system than XP, according to a highly quoted StatCounter web analytics report. It claimed that half, 50.2%, of all computers connected to the Internet in June were running Windows 7. Read more

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Pentagon Digs In on Cyberwar Front – Wall Street Journal

Stars and Stripes

Pentagon Digs In on Cyberwar Front
Wall Street Journal
The renewed emphasis on building up cyberwarfare capabilities comes even as other defense programs have been trimmed. Along with unmanned aircraft and special operations, cyberwarfare is among the newer, more high-tech and often more secretive
At Nellis AFB, teaching the shadowy art of cyber warfareStars and Stripes
Air Force Weapons School graduates first cyber
AF Weapons School grads part of military's cyber eliteDefense Systems
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Security Researchers Backtrack on Android Malware Claim (Scott Austin/Digits)

Scott Austin / Digits:
Security Researchers Backtrack on Android Malware Claim  —  Internet security researchers said Thursday they may have been mistaken about claims that mobile devices powered by Google Inc.’s Android operating system were hacked and used to send spam emails.  —  The researchers …

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Fix your Internet security – now! –

(Wall Street Journal) A few years ago I had to hack a couple of family email accounts after the passwords were lost. It took a few weeks, but I finally guessed the password of one and the answer to the security question of the other, which enabled me to …
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