CenturyLink partners with McAfee to provide home digital protection for new customers

McAfee and CenturyLink announced that CenturyLink has selected McAfee to provide complete home digital protection for new customers of the company’s leased modems. For qualifying CenturyLink consumer and small business customers, innovative protection from McAfee is now available as soon as they plug their modem into the wall and connect to the internet, providing them with strong protection for their internet connected devices.

Additional consumer device protection is available on-demand for PC’s, tablets and Smartphones by downloading client software. This partnership reflects both companies’ objectives to deliver maximum value, security and connectivity to customers. As a result, McAfee and CenturyLink are extending and expanding their existing partnership.

Through its partnership with CenturyLink, McAfee has protected users from over 40 million malicious events while presenting over 9 million warning pages for participating CenturyLink customers who would have otherwise visited unsafe web sites since March of this year alone.

According to McAfee’s 2021 Consumer Security Mindset: Travel Edition, 76% of people connect more to the internet today than they did prior to the onset of COVID-19, and 62% perceive Wi-Fi networks as the most vulnerable to cyber threats. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do not offer modem security, leaving users potentially vulnerable to attackers seeking to profit from vulnerabilities in an increasingly digital-first world.

“Delivering easy-to-use, holistic security for consumers and small businesses is critical to McAfee’s vision for personal, home and business protection – and most importantly, protecting people,” said Pedro Gutierrez, SVP Global Consumer Sales & Operations at McAfee. “Through our collaboration with CenturyLink to expand in and out of home integrated security for their customers, modem users now have access to a full suite of security capabilities to protect themselves and their families.”

Consumers using a compatible CenturyLink modem have access to Secure WiFi and device security capabilities provided by McAfee Secure Home Platform and McAfee Multi Access. These features are purpose-built to…