CES 2023 FAIL: Worst in Show for Security and Privacy

The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up yesterday. But some vendors faced stiff criticism over their privacy and security stances.

Here are just two lowlights, as selected by iFixit, Repair.org, PIRG, SecuRepairs, the EFF, Consumer Reports, and JerryRigEverything. But you can bet there are many others that have been rushed to market without a thought for the security or privacy of their soon-to-be owners.

This is the way. In today’s SB Blogwatch, we feel fabulous.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: 2001 remade by Pixar.

This Happened in Vegas — it Should Stay in Vegas

What’s the craic? Tatum Hunter hunts for danger—“It’s 2023, and tech is still pushing unsafe products”:

Tough questions on safety
Tech products often hit the market with giant safety and privacy flaws. At the same time, CES, a giant annual consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas, brings a flood of new gadgets. It might be pouring gas on a fire.

The CES show floor buzzed with thousands of companies slinging health wearables, smart TVs, autonomous vehicles and other gadgets that rely on data from our bodies or homes. … But almost none directly address how they treat customer’s data … or their approach to safety and security.

Media tend not to ask tough questions on safety at CES, and companies tend not to volunteer the information. [Yet] cybercrime … often relies on hastily shipped products.

So who “won” the dubious honor? Thomas Claburn lists the key pair—“Technology has the potential to make life better. This isn’t it”:

Not created with security in mind
As the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show winds down, it’s once again time for the Worst in Show Awards, an enumeration of … “terribly, awfully bad” … tech products as determined by various technology advocates. … And this year’s CES vendors delivered.

Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, flagged the Withings U-Scan pee reading smart toilet puck. … The company proclaims, “It provides an immediate snapshot of the body’s balance by monitoring and detecting a large variety of biomarkers found in…