Cheating by colleagues deflates morale of failed Cisco cert candidate

Enough about underinflated footballs; let’s talk about cheating on IT certification exams. Here a contributor to Reddit’s forum devoted to networking laments his personal experience in a post headlined:  “Failed my CCNA; coworkers discovered to be cheating to certify.”

So, I work for a small/medium IT company. … I have a degree in my field and am pretty confident in my abilities to perform enterprise-level networking.  …

I failed my CCNA, first time I ever took it, 3 months ago. I was crushed. Two of my coworkers with the same job title also failed around the same time. A couple weeks later they re-took it and passed with shockingly high scores, and a month later one of them got his CCDA with almost no studying and finished in 15 minutes. Confused, I asked what he did for study. He sent me a link to two braindumps. I asked my direct supervisor if that was acceptable and he flat-out told me, “Dude it’s what we all do” and sent me 3 PDFs over jabber.

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Network World Paul McNamara