Check for any remaining malware?



separate topic to my other one.


This is regarding my Personal PC.



I got malware from trying to download a cracked version of a program and had to pause my AV for it, and yeah think i got screwed from that point without me realising. They created an Advert Campaign on Google, and even sent scam Discord messages to people in a group I am in, among other things.


I scanned with HMP, Avast, Malwarebytes, blah blah, wiped what it found but then could no longer boot in to Windows no matter what I did. Ended up backing up my C Drive onto an external drive through recovery environment so probably backed up the malware.. , then formatting from a USB which I put Win 10 on. Like an idiot I did recover my documents using the same External drive back on to the PC.


I did scan my USB, C drive, D drive, and found nothing. HMP, Avast, Malwarebytes, RKill, EEK. None of them found anything.


However, how can i check if any malware remnants remain within my PC? I am afraid of using it too much, and i am not staying logged in to any websites etc. currently. 


How else would you recommend I check for any Rootkit/trojan or anything else on my PC drives and external drive. 

ALSO, what about on my Network.. I am worried it got spread on to my network. Not sure how to check that :( 


Thank you