China’s plans for a national cybersecurity barrier. A US Federal role in the open-source software supply chain? A look at proposed reporting deadlines.

CISA: Federal Agencies Taking Steps to Address Log4j Flaw (Decipher) CISA said that thousands of internet-connected assets have been mitigated by federal agencies under its Emergency Directive that addressed the Log4j flaw.

CISA Still Helping Federal Agencies Remediate Log4j Vulnerability (MeriTalk) The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said today that it is continuing to help Federal agencies remediate the Log4j vulnerability that CISA first warned about in December.

Lesson from Log4j: Open-source software improvements need help from feds (POLITICO) The tech industry is readying solutions to the security risks posed by the collaborative software that underpins modern-day computing — but aid from Washington could be essential to the project’s success.

The Case for Cyber-Realism (Foreign Affairs) Geopolitical problems don’t have technical solutions.

Russian troops intervene in protest-roiled Kazakhstan, where security forces have killed dozens of demonstrators (Washington Post) Russian troops landed in Kazakhstan on Thursday after the Central Asian country’s president asked for help to quell sweeping anti-government protests — a major test of a Moscow-led military alliance as the Kremlin deepened its role in the crisis.

Kazakh president gives shoot-to-kill order to put down uprising (Reuters) Kazakhstan’s president said on Friday he had ordered his forces to shoot-to-kill to deal with disturbances from those he called bandits and terrorists, a day after Russia sent troops to put down a countrywide uprising.

Kazakhstan unrest: From Russia to US, the world reacts (Al Jazeera) Bloody protests have drawn the attention of regional powers Russia and China, as well as Western capitals.

West must stand up to Russia in Kazakhstan, opposition leader says (Reuters) The West must pull Kazakhstan out of Moscow’s orbit or Russian President Vladimir Putin will draw the Central Asian state into “a structure like the Soviet Union”, a former minister who is now a Kazakh opposition leader told Reuters.

How Kazakhstan could shift Putin’s calculus on Ukraine (Atlantic Council) The unrest poses a question for Putin: Should he continue…