Chinese Ransomware Attacks Major Energy Network! Potentially Shutting Down Power for 3 Million Homes

Chinese ransomware hackers attack the major energy network of CS Energy, which powers a whopping three million households in Australia.

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The cyberattack could have potentially shut down power to the millions of homes in the region, as per the report by Australia.

Chinese Ransomware Attacks Major Energy Network

The CEO of CS Energy, Andrew Bills, said in a statement that the cyber attack against its major energy network is a worrying and “growing trend.”

The power firm attributed the massive cyber attack to hackers from China. However, it did not disclose any more details about the ransomware gang behind the incident.

Chinese Ransomware Potential Power Shut Down

The cyberattack believed to have been done by Chinese hackers could have taken out a whooping 3,500 megawatts of power from the two massive thermal coal plants in the region.

That said, the potential extent of the attack could have affected around 1.4 million to about three million homes.

Power Outage Avoided

According to the news story by 7News, the CEO of the energy firm further noted that the hacking incident did not result in any power outage due to the rapid response of its employees.

Bills said that “this incident may have affected our corporate network, but we are fortunate to have a resilient and highly skilled workforce.”

The CS Energy boss went on to praise the employees of his firm, noting that they worked the extra mile to ensure that Queenslanders will not experience any massive power outage.

The CEO added that the firm was able to “quickly contain this incident by segregating the corporate network from other internal networks,” including those from the Kogan Creek…