CIW Security Professional Certification Bible

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CIW Security Professional Certification Bible follows Prosoft Training’s curriculum and objectives for the CIW Security exam, while providing information to help security professionals on the job. It details areas such as encryption technologies, types of incidents and attacks, system and network security, TCP/IP, managing the network boundary, implementing firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention. This book also covers securing the operating system, securing u… More >>

CIW Security Professional Certification Bible

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is book is not just for those people who want to take the CIW Security Professional test. This book covers many topics in the area of information security including: network security, intrusion detection, and operating system security. The CD includes many cool security tools.

    If you want an all-around good security book, this is the one to have on your shelf…
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Howard L. Salter says:

    I enjoy the Bible series of these books and this one is no exception. It screams through everything you wanted to know about the material and it reads more fluidly than other books approaching the subject. I found it an easy read and a great reference for other things. I would recommend this book as the ‘one’ book to own if you could own no others on the subject. This new and up and coming cert keeps with the traditions of the other things that CompTIA is known for, most importantly their vendor neutral stances on stuff. This book adequately covers the material but I wouldn’t use it alone. Find a CBT online or a boot camp to goto when seeking this certification and the Security+ works great in conjunction with this kind of stuff.

    If I could put more into this book, I would add an entire section similar to the Exam Cram Series and a CD-ROM/DVD that has a class room instructor lecturing on the materials as well as an installable flash program that tests the crap out of you on this. So consider this a prep, and use the Exam cram for testing.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Anonymous says:

    I found this book to be good. It covered the exam objectives and topics quite well. It also makes for an excellent reference guide to have whether you are taking the exam or not. It did however have a few editing errors, but you would be able to get the point of the authors. The test engine from Boson Software is OK. It does have a few errors (Questions that were answered correctly were marked incorrect, etc.). For a good practice test, try Do the labs that you can, they help reinforce the lessons that you learn. I passed the exam with this book, but I also have the work experience and other training that helped too.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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