Cloud computing, mobile and cyber security: The technologies driving digital transformation

Secure connectivity, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity – all these are synonymous with digital transformation. Work from home and hybrid work trends have only accelerated the importance of digital transformation and the need for companies to have secure and reliable remote working solutions in place.

These trends are expected to remain – long after the pandemic – because of the benefits they bring such as flexibility, productivity, work-life balance and cost savings.

Therefore, with dispersed workforces across multiple locations and various countries, having secure and scalable digital networks that can safely facilitate remote working and business continuity across devices is a top business priority for leaders.

Sparkle’s technical solutions

Global communications operator and one of the top ten worldwide, Sparkle is a reliable partner for multinational enterprises seeking to connect their workforces and manage communications across a range of sites and networks.

Sparkle has the capability to offer international connectivity and communication services to a wide range of companies across the globe. Its services include internet, data, cloud, data centre, mobile and voice, delivered over a proprietary fibre backbone of more than 600,000 km with 170 points of presence around the world. The company has commercial offices in 32 countries.

Its enterprise services are extensive, including networking solutions – to connect the client’s headquarters with branches and remote workers or with their applications in the cloud – communication services and security, are provided not only as a technological solution, but also as a training tool to enhance cyber security skills of IT managers.

In the network services area, Sparkle’s multi-vendor Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution offers secure, fast and flexible private networks based on the best technologies available in the market. The technology has been reinforced with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to deliver even greater levels of security.

Enterprise partnerships with Sparkle

Companies with plants, fleets, cargo and other assets can integrate more interconnectivity and smart automation using Sparkle’s…