Cohesity, Palo Alto to Help AI-Powered Ransomware Detection and Recovery

Cohesity, a leader in next-gen data management, has joined forces with Palo Alto Networks to integrate its Cohesity Helios next-gen data management platform with Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XSOAR security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platform for improved ransomware detection and recovery.

A key factor in defeating cyber-attacks such as ransomware is how quickly the attack can be recognised and remediation steps initiated. Thisintegration providesdetailedautomatic alerts whenthe AI-powered Helios platform detects anomalies in thebackup data that could indicate an emerging attack. 

Once alerted by Cohesity, Cortex XSOAR initiatesan automated playbook totriageand mitigate the impact of a potentialcyber-attack. Integrating anext-gen data management platform with a SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) capability can help greatly accelerate threat detection and response and decrease an organisation’s risk exposure.

The integration of Cohesity Helios and Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex XSOAR is designed to address and help alleviate the above issues.

Cohesity offers comprehensive anti-ransomware capabilities to help safeguard backup data from cybercriminals. The Cohesity architecture helps ensure that backup data is immutable and cannot beaccidentally or maliciously overwritten. Its software, driven by AI-powered insights, continuously monitors for any anomalies in an organisation’s data. If the worst happens, Cohesity helps locate and recoveraclean copy of data to reduce downtime, minimise loss, and ensure business continuity.

Brian Spanswick, CISO, Cohesity
Any delay in ransomware response and recovery could result inextendeddowntime,data loss, and business disruption. This integrationcanhelp moreeffectively link data management and data security processes — key to staying one step ahead of ever-persistent ransomware attacksandimproving an organisation’s cyber resilience.

Matt Chase, director, Cortex Alliances at Palo Alto Networks
The integration of Cortex XSOAR with Cohesity’s next-gen data management platform is a significant advancement in helping our joint customers protect themselves from the impact of ransomware…