College Computer Security Class?

I was in a computer security class awhile ago and we had to do a project online where we could find people with background checks and that shows everyone that lives on your street. I can’t remember what the website was called for the life of me but it was all free. Anyone know what im talking about or anything close to it?

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  1. Dustin says:

    There are sites that monitor sex offenders however I don’t believe there is a site that will give you a complete background check on individuals for free unless you work for the courts in some capacity. You can go and get these records however from certain state agency’s as they are public record.

  2. Chuck Easttom says:

    Many counties have property records online. You should be able to find out who owns any home on your street. That won’t give you all occupants, or renters, but would give you quite a bit of data.

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