Commissioners considering approval of $971 million Oakland County budget – The Oakland Press

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners are expected to approve the county’s $971.2 million fiscal year 2022 budget Wednesday night.

In July, County Executive Dave Coulter presented his $965.5 million recommended budget. Since that time, the board’s finance committee has held budget hearings with department heads and has made minimal amendments, totaling $5.1 million, to Coulter’s budget. That amended budget will be considered for board approval Wednesday during their final meeting of fiscal year 2021 with the new fiscal year beginning Oct. 1.

That $5.1 million in fund balance is budgeted for one-time expenditures.

Coulter has said that the budget is focused on post-pandemic economic recovery and enhancing the well-being of county residents. Moving forward, the county executive wants the budget to be a true spending plan with expected expenditures matching expected revenues and fund balance only being used for one-time critical investments, not to balance the county’s budget.

To help achieve this, Coulter has recommended that expenses historically funded by one-time fund balance should be built into the general fund/general purpose budget up front including overtime costs for deputies at the county jail ($2 million), replacement of and upgrades to cyber security and other core IT infrastructure ($4 million), and shortfalls that have built up over time in the building liability insurance fund and information technology internal service fund ($4.5 million).

You can view the finance committee’s amended budget here:

The fiscal year 2022 budget includes new investments in environmental sustainability, cyber-security, criminal justice reforms, a countywide incident management team, and for existing programs involving health and education including Health 360, Oakland 80, and the Clean Slate Initiative.