Complete guide to IoT Security

The IoT market is projected to hit the $1.5 Trillion mark by 2025. Doesn’t that number look staggering? Putting in perspective, it’s a 600% growth from 2019, when the IoT market was pegged at $250 Billion. It is expected that 25 billion devices will be a part of the IoT network by 2025 with smartphones making 24% or 6 billion of the total devices. The biggest beneficiary of the IoT revolution is Industry 4.0. The IoT revolution can take off only if we can secure troves of data flowing through billions of IoT connections. This brings us to the focus point – IoT Security.

Complete Guide to IoT Security
Complete guide to IoT Security – Sectrio

IoT Security – The key that unlocks Industry 4.0

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IoT security involves securing software, hardware, and networks that store, handle, collect, transmit, and process data. Be it your garage shutter, rolling up when your car enters your home perimeter, or your lights turning on the moment you enter the room, work on sensors. These sensors collect and send the data to a Command Center, which then processes and sends the response. This data needs to be secured. Your devices need to be secured. The entire network needs to be secured. This is what IoT security deals with. It comprises tools, strategies, and methods to secure you from bad actors who constantly keep coming back to find vulnerabilities in your networks.

Unlike device-based security, like a smartphone or a laptop, IoT security is cloud-based. It is the fundamental block of the IoT – Big Data – Cloud Computing ecosystem. While IoT devices help in generating and collecting the data, the Big Data platform deals with analytics. The cloud computing system stores, processes, and addresses other aspects related to data mobility. IoT security ensures that everything taking place in the cloud and within the IoT devices is well protected.

“The fate of Industry 4.0 is in the hands of IoT security and not just IoT device interconnectivity”, opines major players in Technology, Industries, Logistics, Commerce, and Government agencies. To tackle IoT Security challenges, Sectrio believes in the deployment of a robust IoT security management plan. At a design level, adopting security-by-design architecture is…