Complete safety or open security gap?


While technological developments every other day add new products, services and conveniences to human life, they also continue to open the doors to new problems and threats.

People’s tendency to closed-circuit security systems/cameras (CCTV) to control their homes and families has recently become the new target of some hacker groups, Deniz Unay, a social media expert, told Anadolu Agency amid alarming reports on this issue.

Unay recalled that in March last year, the news that nearly 150,000 cameras — served by a security company in the US — were hacked had wide repercussions.

It was because this security firm was handling the security works of some strategic places, such as hospitals, prisons, and Tesla headquarters, he said.

He also touched upon the “dramatic news” back in 2018 and 2019 about the smart home systems and home security cameras.

He emphasized that, especially in the UK, after a home security camera was hacked, a child abuser tried to contact the child at home.

“This revealed to us how great the danger is. And it was not the last. A family’s baby monitor camera was hacked in the US,” he added.

“I am afraid that these are just the ones we have heard. Unfortunately, many more are happening, and if precautions are not taken, they will continue to have worse results,” he warned.

Hacking smart home systems and remotely interfering with electronic items at home will have dangerous consequences when considering “some bad scenarios,” Unal said.

For instance, he said, operating an oven or a fire-prone device with remote access may cause a fire in the house and building, or remotely hacked devices may break down and cause serious economic losses.

How are security systems hacked?

There is more than one way to hack a security system, Unay said.

“When the servers of the company providing security camera services are hacked, an administrator key that provides access to all cameras and smart home systems served by that company is seized,” he stressed.

Noting that these administrator keys are used by the employees of the security company for remote access and support to the users, Unal said that “malicious use” of these keys or the hacking of the employees’…