Computer is doing all sorts of weird $hit…

It all started a little more than a year ago – I imagine this is runoff from that catastrophe, but I can’t really be certain.  My computer (refurbished HP Compaq 8200 Elite running windows 10 21h2) has been acting very strangely… I’m just going to give you a list of its new party tricks:

-Autoplay is turned off, but it continues to rear its head when I plug in a new drive

-sfc /scannow and DISM occasionally start up but refuse to go further than that, if they start up at all

-One new hard drive is already scrap. I had on there a windowsimagebackup file and some other things I just needed a        place to store

-After stepping away from the computer for a couple minutes earlier today (and again, just now,) I returned to find it had kind of restarted itself… The power light was on and I could only bring it back to life with a love tap to the power button (not a full push, which would have turned it off.) At this, it was like starting the computer up again except, the first time, it stopped at a hazy lock screen.

-When I delete something, Windows no longer asks me to confirm that’s what I want to do, which is fine by me. But as I had nothing to do with it, it’s bothersome

-GodMode foldler will not work.  It disappeared fom my desktop and I can’t make a new one.

-Keyboard shortcuts don’t work much of the time except for copy and paste… not sure about others.

-Iphone has been acting up.. more pop ups than I’m comfortable with.

-Television has been acting up for a long time.  Specifically, when I start the computer up, the television screen flashes a brief static across the screen like a glitch.  This is relevant because I have to use my smart television as the computer monitor.

-Bios screen stays stuck for the longest time before rolling through even though I use an SSD 

-Windows defender tasks do not show up in task scheduler, scans don’t finish.

-Occasionally, I will find that I am restricted from using Windows Security or other administrative tools (remember what happened to GodMode?)

-My bank card number has apparently passed along on more than one occasion – I’ve had to disable my card and have a new one sent… 5 times over the past year?

-Some time last month, my MBR went…