Computer Security Any Recommendations?

I Have Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials Running on
My Windows 7 , Any Other Recommendations ?
Also That Will Work Great With These Programs and My Computer And Wont
Slow It Down?

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  1. Mark says:

    well your half way there
    but i am sorry mse will not find everything , and malwarebytes free is only a scanner
    what i am telling you is to buy malwarebytes . 25 bucks and stop the agony
    i don’t care about the vote –just telling you straight up

  2. Smokies Hiker says:

    I have the two you mentioned plus SUPERAntiSpyware which is free also. Never had a problem with any of these three. Just be sure you only run them one at a time! They’ll complete much faster and won’t interfere with each other.

  3. Simon H says:

    Using MSE is good
    Also make sure you are always running the most up to date software.

    I use secuna PSI it checks all your installed programs and software and tells you if its up to date or not. It also tells you what to do about it.

    Remember that no matter what security software you use it cant always protect you from yourself so don’t click on anything on the internet or open any emails etc that you unsure about.

    Use Google Chrome it is the only web browser that could not be hacked at the CanSecWest Pwn2Own competition.

    Despite the $20,000 prize offered by Google, their Chrome browser was impregnable to hackers. Safari was hacked in a matter of seconds, and Internet Explorer 8 was hacked using a combination of 3 different vulnerabilities. even Mozilla’s Firefox browser was slain.

    And just in case the worst happens backup all your files and data.

  4. Master_mind413 says:

    Malwarebytes paid is a must I use that plus a combo of AVG security 2011 and spybot s&g

  5. tlworkroom says:

    Do not, do not, do not every use AVG. yes, it’s free, and yes it’s verypopular.
    But if yo read many of these quesitons where people have a virus, they also were running AVG.

    I have used IOBIT Security 360 for years with great results. It’s extemely strong, quick and aggressive.
    It also has many supplemental programs to help protect background stuff.
    You can get this free at, a website with LOTS off free stuff.

    I would also download Spyware Blaster which works like a firewall to protect from stuff getting to your computer, but it’s not a firewall. Helps to greatly reduce intrusions.
    the Iobit is very strong and finds virtually everything I’ve ever had. And I have 4 different antispyware programs to clean every little bit. SuperAntiSpyware is another good one, but it doesn’t have all the extra stuff that the Iobit has.

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