computer security, I want to make it so no one else can access my puter, how ?

I have had where there are accounts. I live alone, but may have someone moving in and I want to make sure my use of the computer is secure, Can you tell me how to do this with baby steps ? I have windows xp
I come here and ask because I wasn’t raised with computers, I’m on the wrong side of 50 and I don’t even have the right words to search with for answerer #1

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  1. GlobeHex says:

    Sure :

    ♣ Set password to Administrator account : a) Setting a password

    1. Go to Start / Control Panel
    2. Click on User Accounts
    3. Look under “or pick an account to change” and pick “Computer administrator”
    4. Click on “Create a password”
    5. Type your password
    6. Re-type to confirm it
    7. Use hint question in case if you forget your password
    8. Click on “Create Password”
    9. Next window is asking you, if you wanna make your folders & files invisible for other users with limited access. Its up to you, if you want that or not.
    10. You have successfully created a password to access your administrator account

    The rest of the guide is here :


    ♣ Set password on BIOS :

    1. Reboot ( restart / reset – same shit ) your system
    2. As soon as it starts displaying anything on the screen, try to locate the : BIOS Setup to see, if you enter in BIOS with Delete key. This message is usually left bottom corner.
    3. If it is, keep pressing Delete button. Just keep pressing it, until it give you some blue window. Thats BIOS.
    4. Move around with arrow keys and go to Set User Password. Press Enter
    5. Type the password you want* and press Enter
    6. Re-type the password, to confirm it and press Enter
    7. Now go to Advanced BIOS Features and press Enter
    8. Go to Password Check and press Enter
    9. Choose System and press Enter
    10. Press Esc button to get back to BIOS Main menu
    11. Go to Save & Exit Setup and press Enter
    12. It will give you message, like : “Save to CMOS and Exit (y/n)”. Press Y = YES
    13. Press Enter
    14. Wait, it will start booting again. Then it will give you a message like : Enter Password :
    15. Type your password and press Enter

    The rest of the guide is here :

    I advise you to read both guides for better understanding and notes.

    Hope it helped.


    Edit : Wendy, that’s why i set up my site and forums, to help people like you, novice users and take care for them when no one else bothers to, while also offering advanced stuff.

  2. redthunder says:

    Dude you should download an anti-virus with Firewall. Firewall basically checks every connection on your incoming in your network and allows you to either allow it or block it, so in a few words it can prevent your computer from being hacked. Also make sure to update your anti-virus and firewall daily.

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