Computer Security or Software Engineer ?

hi everyone, i’m in dilemma now, i have to choose between computer security major or software engineer, n currently i’m in malaysia,
which one is better?
which one have a better prospect in the future ?
which one is better (for salary) ?

thanx in advance ,

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  1. Erica says:

    Hard to say. It all depends on your capability and interest. Software Engineer has been around for longer time. There are lots of demand for security analyst.

  2. LoverOfWine says:

    If you look purely at salary then the Software Engineer is your best bet because of the breadth of opportunities available. Security technologies is a much more specialized field and thus more limited prospects.

    Personally I would avoid security because I find it a very tedious, analytic and an*l field. Most of the people in our organization don’t have much love for them.

    Software Engineering can much more creative and have many more opportunities.

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