Concern over hackers, data leakage on internet

News Highlights: Concern over hackers, data leakage on internet.

PETALING JAYA: The government, companies and individuals have been advised to play their respective roles in ensuring the security of their online presence.

Fong Choong-Fook, chief executive officer of cybersecurity testing firm LGMS Group, told the sun that legislation such as the Data Protection Act 2010 has failed to provide a high level of security in cyberspace.

For example, he noted that insurance agents continue to have access to telephone numbers of Internet users that they can call to market their products. He attributed this to poor enforcement of the law.

Fong responded to a report that a group of hacker activists, calling themselves Anonymous Malaysia, has resurfaced with a new threat to attack government websites and online assets.

The group, which used the hashtag # OpsWakeUp21, recently released two videos on their social media accounts to say that this was a wake-up call for the government. It claimed that data from government websites can now be easily leaked due to the low level of security.

It also claimed that in 2017, the government failed to address data leaks from 46 million mobile number accounts.

This prompted the National Security Council and the National Cyber ​​Security Agency to issue a warning to government agencies to tighten security measures on official data.

Fong said the hackers’ claim is “somewhat unfounded” as there is no evidence that government data has been stolen and sold to third parties.

Nevertheless, he said the government could do better by strictly enforcing the law and punishing offenders.

He also warned that while the group’s threat of a “massive” cyber attack has yet to occur, such attacks are “ongoing.”

“They happen while we speak.”

Fong said companies should stop treating cyber-breaches as an IT problem, but a threat to their businesses.

“Individuals have to be careful with their passwords. Do not use unknown or unknown Wi-Fi connections for transactions. “

Criminologist Shankar Durairaja said the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic that led to a financial crisis and an unstable political situation in the country has left government agencies vulnerable…