Cyber security warrior!

Jacob Lunda will protect you from hackers.  Photo by Noko Mashilo.

JACOB Lunda (26), the owner of G-IIT World, is here to protect you from black hat hackers.

The cyber security specialist from Kensington in Joburg protects people against the global threat on computer networks or the internet, like when an evil person tries to use malware and penetration testing viruses to hack one’s system.

Jacob’s desire to go into cyber security was inspired by the movie, Mr Robot.

“The character Elliot, a cyber security expert, protects the company during the day and hacks it at night.

“There are many characters like Elliot out there.”

This inspired Jacob to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate, who deals with routing and switching, network associate security, and network associate cyber security. He’s now a certified ethical hacker who protects people and organisations.

After studying, he worked for Asetos Computers as a computer technician.

“This was followed by Nuztech, where I was providing IT support for my current employer, Show Me Your Number, where I am a network specialist. I make sure our network is secured, there is stable connectivity and I maintain the server.”

Jacob is also the technical producer for their online radio, where he takes care of eight shows and makes sure every presenter goes out to the listeners loud and clear.

“Covid-19 has introduced a new way of working where people can work from home.

“Most are using Windows on computers that can be easily be attacked by hackers.”

He said hackers send infected emails to compromise their systems.

“This is when the cyber security specialist comes in to educate and protect people against cyber tricks.”

Jacob stressed that computer users should not trust any link they see, even if related to what they’re doing.

“Hackers can use your organisation’s information to win your trust. They are good at cloning information. They will manipulate you until you reveal your confidential information.”