Cyber skirmishing in Ukraine. Spyware hits EU. Sharkbot-bearing apps purged from Google Play. CISA on “observe, act, report.”

Dateline Moscow, Kyiv, Helsinki, London, and Washington: Cyberskirmishing during Russia’s redeployment.

Ukraine at D+46: Russian redeployment and reconstitution continue. (The CyberWire) Skirmishing in cyberspace continues as Russia seeks to reconstitute and redeploy its forces with more limited objectives in mind. Atrocities continue in what has become a firepower-intensive Russian campaign.

What Happened on Day 46 of the War in Ukraine (New York Times) U.S. military officials said they expect Russia to carry out a major offensive from the city of Izium to Dnipro, a strategic target in eastern Ukraine. At a train station where dozens were killed in a missile strike on Friday, one survivor said, “The town is dead now.”

EU to consider Ukraine membership in weeks; Russia warns of ‘direct military confrontation’ with US: April 10 recap (USA TODAY) Sending military equipment to Ukraine could spark ‘direct military confrontation’ between US and Russia, Russia’s UN envoy says.

Exclusive: Full-scale Nato military force to defend borders (The Telegraph) Jens Stoltenberg, the chief of the alliance, reveals plans to deploy a military presence sufficient to repel a Russian invasion

Jens Stoltenberg: We need a beefed-up Nato to face down threats to European security (The Telegraph) Invasion of Ukraine has ushered in ‘new normal’, so the alliance is preparing for ‘reset’ that will allow it to repel attacks from the East

Russia hits Ukraine’s air defenses ahead of eastern push (AP NEWS) Russia said Monday that it destroyed air defense systems in Ukraine over the weekend, in what appeared to be a renewed push to gain air superiority and take out weapons Kyiv has described as crucial ahead of a broad new offensive in the east.

New attacks, evacuations in eastern Ukraine as battle lines shift (Washingtom Post) Ukrainian officials report new attacks in east, urge civilians to leave. Ukraine opens 5,600 war crimes cases, prosecutor general says. Satellite photos show 8-mile Russian convoy east of Kharkiv.

Prosecution of Russian war crimes is ultimate test for Ukraine’s state (the Guardian) With almost no successful major prosecutions over the last 30 years, those building cases hope things…