Cybersecurity Awareness Month: CoverMe Provides Tips for Enhancing Online Privacy

San Jose, CA, October 23, 2021 –(– The channels and methods to connect, communicate, and collaborate have tremendously transited to the cyber world. However, while people are used to carrying out more forms of activities in the online space, the fences and antitheft doors to data, no matter for individuals or organizations, are still far from stable, many fragile, and even severely broken.

The ever-growing cybersecurity problem

For users of a variety of online consumer services, it is dangerous to leave all your important data unprotected. A scary fact that may out of the general knowledge of most people is that there are some dark corners in the cyber world where user data stolen during online activities might be leaked, sold, and potentially used in scams.

In September, the Federal Trade Commission banned a stalkerware app that exposed the phone data of more than 2,000 people. According to a press release of FTC, the illegal secret surveillance provided by the apps made it easy for stalkers and abusers to monitor their potential targets and steal sensitive information about their physical movements, phone use, and online activities.

To protect online privacy and personal data from stalkers, hackers, and other threats, it is important to bring cybersecurity awareness into day-to-day practices. Cybersecurity should not be an afterthought.

#BeCyberSmart in everyday life

Cybersecurity experts at CoverMe shared tips to take precautions against several common cyber threats and stay secure in daily online activities:

Always prepare a second phone number aside from your personal number in case some people, services, or organizations ask for your phone number while you don’t want to give out your real number. It’s always more secure to carry a spare tire for the car you drive every day. The case is just the same in terms of fatal personal information like a private phone number. when you can easily block the unwanted robocalls and avoid tracking with a disposal phone number, you’ll thank yourself for making the smart decision.

Use disappearing messages to send sensitive information. When it’s inevitable to use online messaging to send personal information, make sure to use…