Cybersecurity careers: What to know and how to get started

Want to help make technology safer for everyone? Love solving puzzles? Stuck in a rut? Take your career to a whole new level – break into cybersecurity! Insights from ESET researchers Aryeh Goretsky and Cameron Camp will put you on the right track.

How do you start a career in cybersecurity? What qualifications, certifications and skills do you need? Should you spend half the cost of a house on a top-tier degree? Should you try to hack the Pentagon and get a reputation (which actually carries a whole pile of its own issues, so shouldn’t be pursued wholesale) or build your own Python library that helps cure cancer and try to get noticed?

These are some of the questions ESET folks are asked quite frequently. What better time to try and answer them than Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week, a campaign that runs this week and is part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month? The answers will come from two ESET researchers, who will weigh in on what it took in the past to break into security and what seems to be attracting the attention of companies of all stripes hiring today.

Indeed, demand for security professionals continues to outpace supply. The talent gap remains (de)pressing, not least because, you guessed it, security threats aren’t going anywhere. Nary an organization is immune from the myriad risks associated with cyberattacks, as threats escalate in size and frequency and hit ever closer to home, causing untold damage in the process (and in its aftermath). It’s little wonder, then, that many companies will pay top dollar to bring in and retain security talent, and it seems that the stars are aligned for those willing to seize the opportunities.

There’s more to the equation, though. Read on to find out as we sit down with two ESET experts who’ve worked in the trenches of security for decades – Distinguished Researcher Aryeh Goretsky and Specialized Security Researcher Cameron Camp.

First things first, why choose a career in cybersecurity?

Aryeh: There are the usual reasons for entering the cybersecurity field, such as seeking fame or fortune (or…