Cybersecurity event opens in Shanghai to promote security in the digital era

Cartoon images and mini videos have become the new format for promoting Internet security and warning the public of risks like telecommunication fraud and privacy leaks, Shanghai Daily learned during the China Cybersecurity Week event which began on Monday.

The annual nationwide event is aimed toward enhancing national cybersecurity and promoting a healthy online environment.

Shanghai released two new cartoon images, named Yulan and Hubao, in mini-dramas to promote cybersecurity, with the two characters representing Shanghai’s nickname and the floral emblem of the city.

With attendees numbering over 1 million, a total of 22 short videos and numerous new types of artwork were presented during the opening session of the event in Shanghai. They covered topics and issues including data security, personal information protection and password security.

The city is using digital networks to improve city management. It’s important for people to heighten their awareness of the cybersecurity in today’s digital society, local officials said during the opening ceremony on Monday.

These events help people parse online rumors from facts, prevent online fraud, and protect their personal information across various industries and areas.

China’s cybersecurity market revenue is expected to hit US$16.7 billion (US$2.6 billion) in 2024, with an annual average growth rate of 18.7 percent, according to market researcher IDC.

In Shanghai, various events and activities will be held during the week which will end on Sunday, including a forum regarding the city’s digital transformation and other events covering health care, telecom, emergency response, campus environment, fintech and the energy sector.