Cybersecurity jobs protecting government and business in high demand

Madison Cyber Labs at Dakota State University help students study and work through data.

As people consider careers or new options in work, high-paying jobs in traditional fields like health may come to mind, but one industry is prospering off of protecting the data of others.

Cybersecurity, the protection of computer systems and networks, is emerging as a promising industry in South Dakota with more than enough jobs. The issue? There aren’t enough faculty to train people to fill that work.

From 100% job placement for some graduates to millions in funding for local cybersecurity startups, there’s a small local network that reaches thousands of clients popping up in South Dakota — and graduates who are in high demand.

But the industry is small now and has an unsure future ahead if it can’t keep up. Right now Dakota State University’s acceptance rate is 21% for its PhD programs including that in cybersecurity, on par with a public Ivy league for 2021, for computer sciences.