Cyemptive Technologies Announces Their Recently Issued Patent That, For the First Time in History, Provides the Key to Successfully Defend Against Ransomware, Malware and Steganography

SNOHOMISH, Wash., September 22, 2021–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cyemptive Technologies, Inc., a provider of pre-emptive cybersecurity products and technology and winner of the Department of Homeland Security’s national competition for most innovative border security-related solution in the market, today announced their recently issued patent that, for the first time in history, provides a patent-validated solution to prevent ransomware, malware and steganography assaults.

According to industry research, companies are succumbing to increasingly sophisticated ransomware and malware attacks at a cost of more than $7.5 billion in 2019. Even prior to the COVID pandemic, ransomware attacks have been growing by more than 20% year over year.

“Current processes such as big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, checksum technology, known signatures, API monitoring, and human intervention are obviously not working against ever-evolving, zero day ransomware variations,” said Bryan Seely, Cyemptive’s Senior Security Architect and well-known cybersecurity author and expert.

“This patent confirms the uniqueness of our solution and is a complete game-changer,” said Rob Pike, founder and CEO of Cyemptive Technologies. “This is a totally different methodology that actually identifies the fundamental structural design elements underlying any type of existing or new-variant ransomware attack and then pre-empts the attack from proceeding. We do not need or depend on AI, deep learning, signatures or other existing approaches that focus on post-intrusion analysis,” said Pike. “We detect the root characteristics of any type of ransomware attack and then pre-empt it.”

“Cyemptive has now patented the ransomware answer that Cyemptive currently deploys in our Enterprise Scanner (CES),” said Seely. “The next step is incorporating this technology at the kernel level, at which time ransomware will be solved.”

“Not only that,” said Jim DuBois, Cyemptive Chief Strategy Officer and former Chief Information Security Officer for Microsoft, “we provide financially-backed SLAs to support our pledge to preemptively detect and remediate problems, particularly when combining our…