Cylance vs CrowdStrike | EDR Software Comparison

See what features you can expect from Cylance and CrowdStrike to choose the EDR solution that is ideal for your business.

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The best endpoint detection and response tools can help improve your overall security by identifying vulnerabilities and threats before they cause damage. Cylance and CrowdStrike, two of the top EDR solutions, are built on artificial intelligence and offer point-in-time threat detection as well as behavior monitoring, but which one should you chose?

What is Cylance?

Cylance is an AI-enabled EDR platform that provides real-time threat protection against advanced persistent threats, zero-day attacks, advanced malware, ransomware and other threats. It also uses AI-driven predictive analytics combined with application and script control and device policy enforcement in order to prevent cyber attacks.

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What is CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike Falcon Insight is a cloud-based EDR tool. Falcon Insight provides real-time, continuous monitoring of endpoints to detect threats in memory, on disk or in-transit across your network. It uses a signatureless approach to identify unknown malware based on behavior instead of relying on existing definitions.

Cylance vs. CrowdStrike: EDR feature comparison

Feature Cylance CrowdStrike
Threat database Yes Yes
Automated threat detection Yes Yes
Behavioral analytics Yes Yes
Deployment Hybrid Cloud
API integration Yes Yes
Quarantine Yes Yes

Cylance vs. CrowdStrike: Head-to-head comparison

Data repository

CrowdStrike maintains a centralized data repository that centrally stores all data so you can monitor and review activity from anywhere. This is especially helpful for remote work environments, where it’s difficult to get everyone in one place to go over alerts. Regardless of the status of endpoints, large enterprises with remote employees can easily correlate data for threat detection, threat hunting and investigation.

Cylance, on the other hand, is cloud-independent: The tool uses an agent-based approach to endpoint detection and response, as well as a decentralized data repository, ensuring…