Dallas blames hacker for setting off all 156 emergency warning sirens

Imagine it being nearly midnight and the emergency warning sirens start wailing and continue to scream for about an hour and a half. That’s what happened in Dallas on Friday; at 11:42 p.m., the city’s 156 emergency sirens blasted out warnings and continued to wail until 1:17 a.m. on Saturday. Dallas officials claim the siren warning system was hacked and it was one of the largest breaches of an emergency siren system.

At first, a city spokesperson blamed the blaring sirens on a “system malfunction.” The 1.6 million people in the city were asked to stop calling 911 because there was no emergency. The normal wait time for a 911 call in Dallas is reportedly 10 seconds, but at one point the 911 system was so clogged with calls that the wait time stretched to six minutes.

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