Data Centre Security Market Key Players, End User, Demand and Consumption by 2029

Because cybercrime and data hacking have become more common, businesses have begun to prioritize the adoption of improved security solutions for securing data in the cloud and on-premises, as well as strengthening internal security processes. Increasing awareness of data center security solutions is thus one of the key drivers driving data center adoption around the world, and this is contributing to the value growth of the global data center security market. Furthermore, an increase in the number of efforts made by governments of various developed and emerging countries has enhanced the value of the worldwide data center security market.

The growing use of the internet, as well as the ease with which data can be stored and managed over it, has resulted in the virtualization of workplaces and businesses, particularly in economies with well-developed infrastructure. As a result, businesses are implementing more sophisticated data protection and cybersecurity solutions, such as data center security solutions and services.

BFSI Industry Operators to be Targeted by Data Center Security Service Providers

FMI has divided the worldwide data center security market into BFSI, IT & telecom, government & defense, healthcare, and others based on use cases. Due to the largest adoption of data centers throughout this category, the IT & telecom segment is predicted to lead the worldwide data center security market in terms of value. By 2028, this segment is estimated to have an incremental opportunity of more than US$ 10 billion.

A segment of Virtual Appliances Assumed to be the Most Profitable Segment

The data center’s security industry is divided into three categories: logical security solutions, physical security solutions, and services. The services category of the global data center security market is predicted to develop at the fastest rate during the forecast period, out of all the aforementioned segments.

FMI has divided the worldwide data center…