Data Privacy—Insights from the Cybersecurity Industry

What Can You Do to Ensure Customers and Employees Trust That You’re Protecting Their Privacy?

Data Privacy Day helps raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. With 2020 being a record year for data breaches, we reached out to the cybersecurity community to share their insights into how they emphasize data privacy and the importance of protecting personal information for employees or consumers. We asked for insights on what companies have learned from 2020, how the mindsets of security professionals have changed heading into 2021, and how organizations can demonstrate to consumers their personal data is protected and warrants their trust.

We heard from more than 40 experts, and below are some of the responses.

Carolyn Crandall, Chief Security Advocate, Attivo Networks

The year 2021 will be the time when people realize credential protection cannot be about just password protection and naming conventions. Almost every major attack involves the compromise of Active Directory. However, it has remained an underserved area of security control. The same can be said for credential misuse detection. Large mainstay security players have not developed technology to address the detection of in-network credential theft or attacker attempts to enumerate Active Directory, so we will see market challengers step forward with newer innovations. These new solutions will deliver not only detection capabilities but also limited trust models, so only the right people with the right credentials and the right approved tools can get access.


Anurag Kahol, CTO, Bitglass

Now that we have begun to see distribution of the vaccine, some may think it’s only a matter of time before “normal” in-office work resumes. However, that is not likely to be the case. Instead, we are going to see a permanent blend of remote and in-office work, as well as mobile employees whose workspaces are constantly changing. Organizations must be prepared to continue to operate in this manner while ensuring that data is secure no matter where or how it is accessed. 


Mike Behrmann, Director of Security, Blumira

The media largely overlooked FireEye’s exemplary conduct in the midst of…