Datasea (DTSS) Gains Slightly After Launching Chatbot on 5G Platform

What’s Going On with DTSS?

Datasea Inc. (DTSS) stock was slightly up after the Chinese tech company announced its subsidiary Shuhai Zhangxun launched an automated communication app called Chatbot on the 5G message-marketing cloud platform. DTSS shares rose 0.65% to $3.12 per share on Tuesday afternoon.

What Does It Mean for Datasea?

Chatbox is powered by artificial intelligence deep learning and enables message sending and receiving, parsing and other services, based on natural language processing technology. It paves the way for “a replacement of apps when interacting with humans,” according to Datasea.

“During the development of Chatbot, our team leverages big data to create user identification tags and intelligent pattern matching, which significantly enhances customer satisfaction and improves conversation efficiency,” Zhixin Liu, CEO of Datasea, said. “We also provide private deployment, client data synchronization, customer profiling and individualized push notification services.”

Liu added Datasea hopes to continue “offering 5G value-added services and become a trusted partner who knows our clients best.”

Long-Term Technical Rank - 32

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Datasea Inc is a development stage company engaged in the Internet security products. Its offers service and products such as Internet Security Equipment, New Media Advertising Service, Micro Marketing Service, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Connecting Service, Big Data Processing Service. Business activity of the group is functioned primarily through China.