Did Vista Security install itself to my computer?

Well, I got that Vista Security virus in my laptop. Although I’m wondering if it did worm itself into my system since I don’t see it on the start menu. McAfee says my computer is still safe, and it only annoyed me with three pop-ups, the last one begging me to pay for the full version (no, I did not download it). So, is it in my laptop right now and can my current version of McAfee (10.5) detect it?

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  1. Scott Anderson says:

    I would suggest you try malwarebytes as well. This usually fixes the problem. However, if it doesn’t work, I would suggest you reformat your hard drive first. You can do so with a device known as an IDE/SATA to USB Adapter (google “BT-300 topmicrousa”). This device works really well in situations like these because you are able to back up your files without having to log in through the operating system (the thing the virus is on). This is a great way to save your files without having to worry if you will be targeted by the virus. It transfers files at speeds around 480mbps which is insanely fast.

    After you back up your files, reformat your hard drive, then recopy your files.

    Best of luck.

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