do free anti viruses alone provide good computer security?

currently im running avira free antivir, avg free antivir ; and adaware anti spyware will that be enough to keep my computer protected from viruses and spyware or do i have to actully buy a good antivir/antispy program to realy be safe?

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  1. Ragin' Bull says:

    Yes. It will protect you. However be aware that anitvirus and spyware scanner is just the second line of defense. Don’t ever rely on it. The first line of defence against virus and spyware is actually you.

    It is how you use your computer will determine whether you’d get a healthy computer or not.

    Just don’t visit bogus sites. Don’t open link in email. Don’t download attachment unless you’re expected it.

  2. Prince says:

    see nothing is 100 % fool proof
    antiviruses are like burglar alarms which go off when a known thief comes [ so you can not be really safe anytime ;) ]
    so you must keep them updated. It is not like a free one is not good. If it has the definitions which match the virus then it will detect it. if not then even the paid one will not b able to detect it.

    the difference between free and paid is that paid ones have got a few extra features like firewalls,trace cleaners,etc.
    So to be safe you have to be a bit more careful while using the net
    keep your operating system updated, and all programs patched to the latest versions because the newer versions are less vulnerable to attacks ( most updates to programs either improve security or features)

    I havent bought any antivirus till now.. And not planning to do so in the near future….But having an antivirus with more security features does help
    bt it is not that if you pay then it will catch viruses and free ones wont

  3. ParamoreGuy says:


    Go to

    Download Avast Anti-virus

    Best. Anti virus. Ever. I’m not joking.

    > Free
    > All reviews are perfect
    > Gets rid of virtually any virus
    > Updates daily

    Try it and you will see :) It is so simple to use as well.

    Hope it helps :)

  4. Jessica Queller says:

    It’s better to stop thinking “antivirus” programs (free or paid) will protect you.

    Instead you should:

    1. Set up and use almost exclusively a limited user account.

    2. Google the phrase “social engineering” and read the first five results.

    3. Install Windows updates automatically.

    4. Use Firefox with the NoScript extension.

    5. Turn off autorun in Windows:

    6. Do not install or run “antivirus” software. It doesn’t actually protect you, it uses up system resources, and it makes you unnecessarily paranoid.

  5. k_o_o_l_g_u_y21 says:

    sometimes they do…

    but it is always better to get a better anti-virus if you have important files on your system

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