Do I have good computer security?

I am currently running:

Avast Free Edition
Windows Defender
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free edition)

Is this good protection? I download music/movies and surf the web mostly.
I also have Windows Firewall enabled.

I have a Windows Vista desktop btw.

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  1. RUReady says:

    Yeah you are fine but I wouldn’t depend on Windows Defender to provide any help. Make sure you update and run quick scans of Malwarebytes each time before you shut down your computer. You don’t need to scan too often with Avast. Maybe once a week but use the bootscan when you do scan with it.*

  2. joek1989 says:

    You should never have more than 1 anti virus running at one time, it is not good for the computer. I recomend Microsoft Security Essentials it free and a da*e good program at that.

  3. tempo1 says:

    Your protection is slightly above average…good for your typical web-surfer/e-mail only type internet user. Not so good for those who are pirating “stuff”. Pirates can NEVER have enough protection.

    The bottom line is, if one is illegally stealing music/movies/software, then one WILL get stung by virus or malware and stung badly…its just a matter of time. Really doesn’t matter what one uses for protection. It’s all part of the “game”. There is no such thing as a free-lunch.

    Anybody who pirates content should never do so on a machine that is used for any kind of mission-critical work. The same goes for a computer that is used for any kind of financial transactions.

    The few pennies that one saves by stealing crap, could be offset in an instant by a trojan that gives some dude in Russia, full-access to your computer.

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