Do you need Antivirus for Android?

Thinking about investing in an antivirus package for your Android but not sure if you actually need one or which to pick? Then you’re in the right place as we’ve created this handy guide detailing answers to both questions.

Do you need anti-virus on Android?

Android devices are an inviting target for malware developers. Google has reinforced Android’s built-in security with every release of the world’s most popular mobile OS, but there’s still a market for third-party antivirus software as legitimate packages can help protect your device.

However, please do not just install random “antivirus” apps from the Play Store. In April 2022, CheckPoint researchers found a clutch of “antivirus” apps in the Google Play that were in case disguised malware: Trojan horses designed to steal banking information.

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It’s good security sense to only use reputable app stores and avoid sideloading (manually downloading and installing) APK files from other sites unless you’re really sure of what you’re doing.

However threats can and do appear on Google Play. With an estimated 3,739 new apps uploaded every day, malware does periodically sneak through. These Trojan horses look desirable, but can steal your data, riddle your device with adverts, or otherwise co-opt your phone for their own purposes.

Only installing reputable apps is a good bet, but some malicious apps rack up hundreds of thousands of installs, so popularity isn’t any way to judge. So while it’s not necessary to install Android antivirus software, it might be a good idea, particularly if you’re prone to trying out lots of random apps.

Choosing the best Android antivirus

There are lots of…