Do you think that a hacker would make a good consultant on computer security?

In my last question, someone brought up the issues of a hacker and I thought this would be an excellent transition. How and why (or why not) would a hacker be a good resource for computer safety?

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  1. Rolf says:

    Yes, and the other way around… A consultant would be a good hacker…
    Same skills requiered different objectives…

  2. American (Michael Hart) says:

    They look for weaknesses. Finding a weakness is the first step in creating a security method. If you do rely on them, rely on several different ones so one doesn’t leave a “hole” for them to use against you later. ;) Good luck and hope I helped!

  3. amoreflowers says:

    That is what large security organizations do.
    A hacker will know all the loopholes and can help the company in writing a good secure and tight security program.

  4. Donkey says:

    Haven’t you seen any movies? Or what about the show where the guys used to be burglers and now they are security experts.

  5. Neck Romancer says:

    I think so. They have the best experience on common security problems and they know system weaknesses better than anyone else.

  6. Anthony says:

    Sure they do it all the time. You don’t have to be a criminal to be a hacker. Some people train to be a hacker for the sole reason of helping others be more secure.

  7. deltaqueen says:

    You probably wouldn’t pass a security screening, because the skills that you have would have to come out in an interview. Maybe they would hire you after you got out of jail though.

  8. bws_99 says:

    While they have plenty of experience, and understanding of computer networks, hackers are criminals.
    Companies would not be able to hire this person because of their criminal background. Regardless of whether they have been convicted of a crime.

  9. huge001 says:

    I would say that an EX hacker would make an excellent choice as long as they had the technical ability to do the consulting job correctly.

  10. why? says:

    Maybe a former hacker who has done his time. But yes, a hacker would be an exellent idea!
    the FBI actually use ace hackers that they have caught to do various things, such as breaking into a terrorist database, or sending a kill signal for various files over the internet.

  11. pad says:

    Yes, because to be a hacker you have to know more than the average computer user and also more than a programmer.

  12. mcfly878 says:

    I think i know what you mean, and to answer your question “yes” to an extent. He may know how a hacker may attempt to access a file or database but I doubt the hacker is going to be familiar with all the legalities, and protocol that’s involved when a hack is detected. A true forensic computer security professional will have knowledge of both.

  13. teacher says:

    Actually, a family member WAS a Hacker and is now making major money STOPPING Hackers. His skills were an EGO thing and he wanted to be the best. Now he realizes the potential harm and points out weaknesses in corporate computer systems earning a huge salary.

    He once told me he could go into a hospital computer and actually change the patients leg to be amputed from left to right if he were evil enough. He realized then he needed to stop people from doing potentially evil stuff like that. So, Yes, a Hacker has the skills to do the consultant job….if they reform.

  14. neo says:

    Well pal u know today the word HACKER it self means NOT BEING A Cracker now hackers and crackers are diffrent hope u know tht and tht is the same reason tht any GOOD hacker can become a good computer security consultant …. in other words those who make locks for doors also know how to make a key
    means hackers can think like crackers and so they can guide how to b safe and what things are neccesary 2 b safer.

  15. raiderz_101 says:

    Yes,Its like this show on Discovery Ch. called It takes a Thief. Two ex-burglars help people with their home security issuses and show them whats wrong. If a hacker would turn their life around like they did maybe it is safe to ask a hacker to help you with your computer security,since they would be the ones to know how to get around computer security.

  16. Victoria S says:

    way i see it, who better to create an anti-hacker program then someone who knows all the tricks to getting through said program?….though some can be untrustworthy, so be careful who you ask for help, maybe a reformed hacker who turned to helping instead of hurting would be a good idea, but remember to check their history by asking other’s they have worked with.

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