Does a security camera that uploads to a web server or ftp without a computer exist?

I want to have an always-on motion activated security camera that supports wifi or even wired ethernet that can upload to a web server or ftp. I don’t want to leave my computer on all the time.

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  1. yardstickwhack says:

    Yes. They are called IP or Network cameras.

    Here are a few. I actually work for this company. Funny I ran across your post while answering miscellaneous questions. If you ordered from us, your camera would likely pass through my hands.

    Another guy mentioned Netbotz. They are proprietary. If you want temperature readings from them, you need to buy their whole system. If you’re going to do that, they are not the best. Pelco dominates the high end of this market, but they cost a fortune. If you want what you asked for which is just a camera by itself with a lot of uploading options and motion detection, I suggest a network camera by Toshiba, Canon, Axis, or Vivotek. If you want insane resolution as well, look at IQ Eye (but costly).

  2. recentcoin2000 says:

    Many cameras have a built in web server. You don’t even need to have the camera upload them.

  3. slowpoke_115 says:

    Try netbotz, theyre the number one worldwide and are extremely efficient but slightly pricey, they can also monitor sound and temperature changes and can upload the data to wherever you wish (FTP, HTTP, email etc). We use them at my work.

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