Does anyone know of a better Anti-virus software than Norton Internet Security?

Norton Internet Security dramatically effects the speed and performance of my computer. Does anyone know of an anti-virus software that is just as good or better than Norton that won’t negatively effect the speed and performance of my computer?

One person told me about a program called Kaspersky but I don’t know anything about it. Has anyone tried Kaspersky? If so, was your experience with it good or bad?


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  1. Lucky09 says:

    I still used Kaspersky I.S. 2009 that really good one and havent problems since 2006 – Russian software has very strong in anti-virus system, I would recommend Kaspersky as one of my family friend asked me to replace Norton and went to PC World and changed for Kaspersky – much happy with it that was my advice to my family friend.

  2. Spanky says:

    Avast is a good one. It hasn’t slowed down the PC performance at all and it has been running smooth. Have used it for about 2 years.
    It is free.

  3. Jan S says:

    The best protection for your computer give an internet security program, that is correct. Norton however is not the best.

    I did test 5 different internet security programs over the last 12 months.
    Here is my top 3

    3rd place – Bitdefender Total Security – good – 8 out of 10

    2nd place – Panda Internet Security 2009 – very good 8 ½ out of 10

    1st place and in my opinion the best is
    ESET Smart Security.- did find infections
    the other programs missed – very good 9 out of 10

    The other 2 programs I tested, were Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and
    Zone Alarm Security Suite. Both good program, but just not good enough to get in my top 3

    I liked ESET that much, that I purchased it and it is now protecting my computer very well.

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