Does Norton security scan and McAfee that came with my computer remove viruses?

my computer is running really slow, and i have norton security scan and McAfee but i was wondering if they remove viruses, i didnt pay for them i just have what came with the computer.

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  1. Jasper says:

    There is no way both of those came with computer , unless, you bought it from someone who stupidly put two av programs on the computer, Remove one of them using the removal tool , which you get by going to the site of the one you choose to remove. They both will detect and remove , but, not at 100 %.
    Most peeps will use an anti malware plus an anti spyware in addition to the av program ~

  2. t12_incomplete says:

    you are running 2 antivirus programs, no wonder, one or the other not both, then add an anti malware / spyware program like malwarebytes. Or if they are trial delete both, and purchase one. I have used Norton’s AV since 2002 and have no reason to change. McAfee has a 3 PC key so your choice?

  3. David E says:

    Uninstall one or both. Running two antivirus programs at the same time is not supposed to be possible. Can they remove viruses? Yes and no. They can but viruses are designed to not be removable. Some viruses will require you backing up your data and reinstalling the OS on a reformated disk to get rid of them for sure.

    Your habits are vastly more important to your safety on the internet than any antivirus program. Here is a link with five rules of surfing.

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