DVIDS – News – NAVWAR Executive Director Speaks at SDMAC Economic Impact Study Event

Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) Executive Director John Pope joined government, military, and industry leaders from across the region in a panel to discuss the San Diego Military Advisory Council’s (SDMAC) newly released economic impact study, Oct. 20, at the Admiral Kidd Conference Center in San Diego.

SDMAC commissions an annual economic impact study to demonstrate the significant benefits of defense-related spending and military presence in the San Diego region. During the event, Pope highlighted NAVWAR as one of the Navy’s major acquisition commands with an expertise in information warfare technology and its substantial economic impact during fiscal year (FY) 2020.

NAVWAR influences San Diego’s economy through seven channels including: contracts awarded to regional businesses, command employees, operations and maintenance spending, command-related tourism, patents, government purchase card payments, and contributions in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

In FY 2020, NAVWAR contributed more than 29,000 jobs throughout the San Diego region and directly employed more than 5,600 people, with about 270 military workers and 5,300 civilian employees. Their combined compensation, including wages and benefits, totaled more than $900 million. Of these employees, many are highly educated with more than four-fifths of them holding at least a four-year college degree, and about two-fifths holding Master’s or Doctorate degrees.

“We have a long history with San Diego, as the region has been a strong partner in executing our mission of delivering and sustaining information warfare capabilities for the fleet and our partners around the world,” said Pope. “This relationship is ideal for both the region and the command. With nearly half of our workforce positioned in the San Diego area, we are able to leverage many of the region’s unique advantages including its close proximity to operational forces, training ranges, high-tech industry and world-class universities.”

This mutually beneficial relationship can be…