Dynatrace enhances its Digital Experience Module to include Session Replay for native-mobile apps

Dynatrace announced it has enhanced its Digital Experience Module to include Session Replay for native-mobile applications. This will provide digital teams with a movie-like view of a mobile user’s experience, enabling teams to see every click, swipe, and tap from the user’s perspective, and allowing them to optimize mobile apps for performance, feature adoption, and conversions.

Session Replay also provides data privacy by design, meaning organizations in even the most highly regulated industries, who need to comply with regulations such as GDPR, can leverage customer behavior and experience data to drive better user experience and business outcomes.

The enhancements will also extend Dynatrace’s digital business analytics capabilities to native-mobile applications, which helps teams understand how user journeys impact critical business KPIs, including conversion rates, and app store ratings.

“Dynatrace’s digital experience monitoring and business analytics capabilities enable us to continuously improve user journeys and maximize conversions,” said Ken Schirrmacher, Senior Director of IT at Park ‘N Fly.

“Session Replay and business analytics for native-mobile applications will provide us with precise insights into a mobile user’s experience from the user’s vantage point.

This allows our teams to prioritize new features and innovations that enhance our apps and maximize value for our business, all while ensuring data privacy.”

Mobile use continues to grow at a rapid rate, raising the stakes for enterprises to deliver outstanding mobile experiences. According to the GlobalWebIndex, mobile use now accounts for more than half of the total time spent online. Statista estimates, in 2021, 80% of all retail e-commerce will be generated via mobile.

To help digital teams deliver the best possible native-mobile experiences, Dynatrace provides:

  • Dynatrace Session Replay, optimizing business outcomes by enabling developers, application, and business teams to easily review user sessions and understand how new features impact user journeys.
  • Data privacy by design, making it easy to protect users’ data and comply with regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, by…