Elevating cyber resilience and tackling government information security challenges

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Esti Peshin is VP, General Manager, Cyber Division, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Previously, she served 11 years in the Israeli Defense Forces, in an elite technology unit, where she was Deputy Director.

Peshin recently spoke at Cyber Week 2021 in Tel Aviv, and in this interview with Help Net Security, she discusses national defense and security challenges, as well as developing technologies and systems resilient to cyber attacks.

elevating cyber resilience

What were the most important takeaways from your 11 years in the Israeli Defense Forces? How did being part of this elite technology unit shape your vision of cybersecurity protection?

The most important takeaway from the service in the IDF is that nothing is impossible. If there is a need, there is a way. The means will be identified and it just a matter of creativity to find the right way to achieve any goal. This is, in my view, the essence of Israeli entrepreneurship, and one of the reasons the cyber eco-system is striving in Israel.

IAI leverages state-of-the-art technology for national defense and security challenges. Based on the feedback from your clients, which technologies are most in demand today?

We, at IAI, believe that most important and sought technologies are those that help organizations to detect that something bad is happening, at a very early stage. Preferably, even allowing organizations to predict that something bad can happen or is about to happen, and to direct the organization on how to avoid it or mitigate it.

The main problem with most of the common cyber monitoring technologies available today is that they generate large number of alerts without prioritizing them. Therefore technologies that can generate actionable insights are the key to improving cyber resilience.

Therefore, the main solution that is sought by our national level customers is establishing national level cyber security operation centers. These centers, essentially proactively monitor national cyber space in order to perform the following operations:

  • Conduct a national level, on going and real time, cyber risk assessment
  • Monitor national cyberspace in real time in order to identity cyber attacks or predict attacks based on indicative…